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FIRST Robotics Philadelphia Regional


Sorry for the late post, but Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week is the Philadelphia Regional FIRST Robotics Competition!  Unfortunately, I will not be working at the event this year, but I'll be going anyway.  This year's goal is to try to get as many people as ...

First Bug Report

Last night, I spent some time checking over a graph that I created (This particular graph was the graph of connected traffic sensor stations throughout the Minneapolis road network).  While looking through my results in QGIS, I came across some strange behavior.  It turns out that I found a possible ...

Dijkstra's Algorithm in PHP

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking:  Why PHP?

Well, I have a fairly small graph (< 650 nodes), so trying to get a C or Java to interact with my preexisting PHP software isn't worth the boost in performance.  The implementation I found can read my graph from ...

First Post!

So, I've been telling myself for a few years that I'd start a blog so that I could keep track of some of the cool things that I've done. Well, here it is.