22APR2010 was the CIS/ACM Annual Awards Dinner. This is the one time during the year that the CIS department invites out all of the students, faculty, staff, and alum for a formal dinner and awards ceremony.  As always, Sandy Sorkin took a million and one photos of the event.

In short:  several ACM'ers won awards.  Congrats to everyone that won an award, that is graduating, or both.  From the CIS website (because they don't permalink stuff):

CIS Department Awards Presentation (presented by Prof. Jie Wu and Prof. Arthur Poe)

Computer and Information Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award to a member of the graduating class who is in Computer Science or Information Science and Technology with the highest overall grade point average:
Velma Chen and Stephen Samuel
Computer and Information Sciences Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for outstanding teaching as a graduate teaching assistant
Vladan Radosavljevic
Computer and Information Sciences Student Leadership Award to an undergraduate who has made a significant leadership contribution to the Computer and Information Sciences ACM organization and to the CIS department:
Timothy Henry and Stephen Samuel
Junior Scholarship Award
William J. Hall, III and Timothy Birbeck

ACM Awards Presentation (presented by Timothy Henry and Prof. Claudia Pine-Simon)

ACM Award of Outstanding Teacher:
Prof. Sanford Sorkin
ACM Student Service Award to an ACM officer for outstanding service:
Brian Stempin

SIM Scholarship Award ( presented by Prof. John Nosek and Joseph Tait)

Andrew Portolese, Jordan Rodriquez and Christian Willman

- bstempi