Every year, the CIS department (College of Science and Technology, Temple University) hosts the Future of Computing competition.  For graduate students, it's an opportunity to show off some of their research.  For undergrads, it's a chance to show off some of their projects or some of the cool things that they've cooked up in their spare time.  Everyone brings in a 36" x 54" poster and has the option of providing a demo.  This year had a pretty good turnout and had some very impressive projects.

Since my research partner is a graduate student and I'm an undergrad, we were forced to split our project.  Vladimir created a poster about his prediction algorithms and the possible uses they have.  Mine was about the use of GIS systems to create some of the data models that Vladimir needed and the practical application of his results.  In short, I created a web application that will allow you to click on any two sensors within our road network and can give you a shortest path route from point to point.  I have yet to finish this, but the end goal is to use Vladimir's predictions to weight each segment by travel time so that the user ends up with the shortest path by travel time.  In the end, Vladimir took second place in his division and I tied for third in the undergrad division with Steve Palumbo.

Pictures of the event can be found here (credit goes to Sanford Sorkin).
You can find my poster in PDF and PPT formats (JPG on the way).

Here are a few pictures of my research project.  I'm on the top and Vladimir is on the bottom.

` <http://www.brianstempin.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/SS4_3094.jpg>`__

me and my posterVladimir with poster

- bstempi