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JetBrians DataGrip Review

Recently, JetBrains released a new product called DataGrip. It's basically IntelliJ for databases, and so far, I love it! Granted: I'm biased. I do all of my Java and Python development using IntelliJ and PyCharm, respectively. That being said, I think that even if I were still using some other …

Perhaps You've Noticed: I Have a New Blog

Yep, that's right...I kicked WordPress to the curb and decided to do the whole staticly-generated-pages-thing. When I originally started this blog, WordPress just made the most sense. It was easy to install, easy to maintain, had plenty of skins and plugins available, and just worked.

So, why the departure …


I was recently lurking through the Programming Subreddit, and I came across a post about a game called, "Vindinium."

What Is Vindinium?

Vindinium is an AI competition.  Its a game that is played exclusively by bots.  You could create a bot that takes input from a human player, but the …