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Firebug Intro

A few weeks back, Professor Lefkovitz asked me to help him diagnose a problem with a web app.  The issue involved the communication between a browser and an AJAX web service used for authentication.  The initial struggle was trying to find an easy and elegant way of viewing the AJAX …

Bass and Amp for Sale

Unfortunately, I'm putting my bass and amp up for sale.  Instead of trying to Ebay them, I decided to do a consignment deal with Springfield Music.  I'm selling a 5 string Peavey Foundation bass and a 100w Carvin ProBass 100 amp.  They're currently listed for $219.95 and $189.95 …

WordPress Legal Mess

Yeah, you like that rhyming!  Don't lie, it's catchy.  Onto something meaningful:

I've spent a lot of time doing WordPress work.  I've spent some time in the community and a lot of time using, hacking, and theming WordPress.  As I've stated before in other posts, this site is powered by …