I recently had a recruiter ask me for some PHP code samples.  After doing some digging, I realized that I didn't have much to show.  Most of the cool stuff that I wrote was proprietary, so I couldn't just expose it.  The stuff that I've written for myself has been very hackish and incomplete.  Some of the stuff was written as a mod to other PHP scripts, so the code was out-of-context.  So, here I sit with my tactical pants around my ankles.

In order to make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again, I've started a public code repo for people to look at.  In this code repo, I solve programming problems from Project Euler.  If you use Mecurial, you can check out the code directly or go to my BitBucket page and get a zipped version.  Currently, the language of choice, as stated, is PHP.  I might add other languages as time progresses.

As of this writing, the repo is pretty empty.  My intention is to write a small framework that will allow you to write self-contained solutions for each of the problems presented on Project Euler.  From there, the framework will allow a user to call the problem by CLI or web interface.  The framework will be responsible for gathering and passing along user input and for loading the appropriate PHP files to solve the problem.  Each solution will be responsible for implementing a small interface, validating it's own input, and providing all of it's own methods.  As problems accumulate, I'll probably move some of the mathematical and validation functions from each of the solutions into some sort of shared static library in order to reduce the amount of work in solving each additional problem and to reduce my code base.

I must admit that this is a little nerve racking; I'm not used to others reviewing my code.  As always, feedback is welcome (probably a little more than usual).  Happy hacking!

- bstempi