Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking:  Why PHP?

Well, I have a fairly small graph (< 650 nodes), so trying to get a C or Java to interact with my preexisting PHP software isn't worth the boost in performance.  The implementation I found can read my graph from my database, calculate the shortest distance to every node given the first, and then give me a path to a specific node in < .5 seconds.  For what I'm doing, that's acceptable.  Plus, I plan on caching most of this data since my graph doesn't change very often.

Anyway, here's where I found my code:, here's a link to Dijkstra's algorithm.

PS -- if you decide to use that code, I'm pretty sure you can just get rid of all mentions of $matrixWidth.  They don't appear to use it in the algorithm itself.

- bstempi