Shortly before Christmas, I got this message from Erik, the producer of 0 A.D.:

I hope things are well with you. Have you still gotten a moment or two for 0 A.D. or have you become too busy? We've been trying to contact you via PM/email, but haven't got any response, so it's hard to know the case of things.

If you do have a moment or two we have things we could use your help with. Both some forum upgrades etc, but more importantly/hopefully more interesting as well we are finally getting closer to a new web site. We do have a designer working on the design, and a web development applicant who might be able to help out with the technical stuff. But naturally it would feel a lot better if you would be in charge of the technical side as we know and trust you.

Either way I hope you will have a good Christmas and regardless of whether or not your current situation allows you to help out I'll be grateful for a reply so we know how things are :)


Since then, I've gotten pretty serious about getting a new site delivered.  We've been making a more conscious effort to stay organized, work hard, and get something tangible accomplished.  If you follow the project's progress at all, you'll see that we've recently closed abunch of website tickets, mostly revolving around the new site.  Barring any major setbacks, we'll keep pushing forward!

Shameless plug:  If you have ever had an interest in joining a F/OSS group, are looking for something to put on the resume, or just have too much time on your hands, hit me up!  We could always use more help.

- bstempi