Holy Crap!

Yeah, right?!  This game has come such a long way since I joined the team back in July of 2010.  I don't think that there's any moment where I've been more excited to be a part of this game!

Sweet Moves, Brah

I sat down tonight and played the AI (experimental) in a game.  I haven't had that much fun in quite some time.  Despite being a simple AI, it gave me a run for my money at first.  It definitely did a better job at building with the initial resources.  It was also the first to have an army and to attack.  I thought I was done for!  Fortunately for me, it was pretty good at ignoring anything other than my town hall.  If the AI sent soldiers to attack me, I could attack them while they were in transit without fear of retaliation.  The didn't begin to attack until they reached their objective:  my town hall.  Once I realized that, I came pack for the pwn.

Awesome Landscapes

I'm pretty blown away by the graphics.  If you want to get a good look at the units and buildings, you can mouse-wheel forward to zoom in.  The units look great, the landscape is awesome, and the water effects are really top-notch.  I've noticed a few graphics glitches here and there, so it could definitely use some more polishing, but over all I'm really impressed.  For some reason, the landscapes were the biggest thing to catch my eye.  They look so much nicer than what I remember seeing in any of the Age of Empires games (I think Age of Mythology was the last one that I played).

Getting Smoother

When I first tried the game back in July, I remember having a hard time playing.  Part of it was my hardware, but I remember having a lot of glitches and lag once I moved onto a different machine.  Since then, things seemed to have gotten much better.  There's still the occasional glitch or lag here-and-there, but it doesn't really take that much away from the game play.  Don't get me wrong -- I found a few things that I found a little frustrating.  The fun definitely out-weighs the frustration, though.  I was pretty impressed once I started using the rotate and zoom features while I was micro-managing some of my units.  The zoom/rotate is really smooth and looks really nice.

Get to It

I'd highly recommend going and playing 0 A.D.  You can download the game here and find the forums here:  http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum.  While you're at it:  make sure to enable the anonymous feedback.  It helps us know what kind of graphics hardware our users are running, which helps us to make the game better.

- bstempi