That's right!  After being a consumer in the OSS community for around 10 years, I'm finally committing something more than helping posts on a forum -- I'm a webmaster!

The Desire

When I was growing up, I was hooked on RTS games.  I used to love playing Age of Empires and the original Warcraft.  I then moved on to things like AoE II, Warcraft II, Total Annihilation, and so on.  I just loved RTSes!  I stopped playing them once I got to college -- I just didn't have time to keep playing.

A few months ago, I started looking around for a new game to play.  I had a little more free time than I normally do, so I decided to give some of it to a game.  I decided that I wanted to find a Linux game since I spent most of my time in Ubuntu.  After looking around, I found a game that showed potential:  0 A.D. At that time, it hadn't been released yet.  I decided to simply drop my gaming urge and to move on.


A few days ago, I decided to revisit the 0 A.D. website.  They still haven't released anything yet, but the website stated that they were close to releasing an alpha.  For whatever reason, I decided to comb through their forums -- I wanted to know more.  While lurking through some of their topics, I came across the "Applications" thread.  Wildfire Games (the group producing 0 A.D.) had several openings. The webmaster one caught my eye, so I decided to apply.

Filling the Gap

Within a few hours of applying, I head from Aviv Sharon.  He quickly thanked me for my application and invited me to the team's IRC channel.  After speaking with Aviv for a bit, I was welcomed to the team.  I now have access to the group's private resources, credentials for the website, and a hefty task list.  I haven't had a chance to actually bite anything off yet, but I hope to this week.  I'm pretty excited about working on an open source game!

- bstempi