Sorry that I haven't written in a bit -- I've been out-and-about instead of living in front of my computer for a chance.

So, here's a pretty cool thing that I recently saw (did?).  Last week, I traveled down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with a few friends to celebrate their graduation.  We decided that traveling with 5 people in one car was just too much to tolerate for a 10 hour drive, so we split into two cars.  Now:  what to do for 10 hours?  Answer:  surf the 'net!

Rob Masterson was driving the lead car, which was co-piloted by Christian Willman.  Here's the equipment being used in the lead car:

Long story short: Chris's G1 has an application called PdaNet installed.  This software allows him to connect his G1 to his Macbook (via USB) and to allow the phone to act as a router and DHCP server.  Chris then went on to connect his WAP to his Macbook (via ethernet) and to bridge the connection.  Now, anyone within range of the WAP could connect and get internet through his phone...kind of like a MiFi on steroids.  In the chase car, piloted by Tim Henry, we were able to get a decent wireless signal while on the highway.  For the majority of the trip (until we got within an hour or two of Myrtle Beach), we were able to surf the internet from both vehicles.

Even when the internet wasn't reachable, we were still able to keep ourselves pretty occupied.  Tim brought a couple of movies on his netbook, so we sat it on the dashboard and routed the audio though his car stereo.

I guess we can find a way to make anything geeky :-P.

- bstempi